What We Do




The Kindergarten admits children between the ages of 3 and 6 years. Under the supervision of well qualified teachers, the children learn a wide range of subjects which include language, mathematics, music and movement, creativity, life skills, and environmental studies. By the time the children leave kindergarten, they are able to read and write as well as do basic calculations such as addition and subtraction. Play time is an integral part of our children’s day. We provide fun and child friendly facilities and equipment for both in-door and out-door play. In-door activities include role play, building with blocks and building puzzles, among others. Out-door activities include swimming, physical education, music and movement. These activities are vital in enhancing the children’s fine and gross motor skills, as well as sparking their creativity and imagination. Our endeavor is to create a safe and friendly environment where the children can learn and play and also grow spiritually. Admission age to kindergarten levels are listed below; 1. Play group - 3 YEARS 2. Pre – Primary 1 (PP 1) – 4 YEARS 3. Pre – Primary 2 (PP 2) – 5 YEARS


Nyawai Academy offers the Kenyan 8-4-4 system of education. We are committed to offering a holistic education that meets the academic, spiritual, physical, and social needs of our children. We are convinced that this holistic approach better prepares the students for a well-balanced and more productive life. We provide the students with qualified caring teachers and a safe environment to learn and ask questions. All effort is made to ensure none of our students is lagging behind. This ensures that we present our students with the best possible chance of excelling and achieving their best in their academic pursuits. We also foster a culture that caters to the spiritual wellbeing of the students by regular services and talks conducted by a pastor or teacher. We encourage students to get to know the word of God as it reveals God Himself. It is only by knowing God and finding out His perfect plan for their lives that they can live a truly meaningful life. We also hold weekly PPI (Program of Pastoral Instructions) sessions and have motivational speakers and counselors talk to the students. Throughout the week there are various opportunities provided to help the students discover their talents. With various sporting activities, dance, drama, music and more, the students are given an opportunity to learn where their interests and passions lie, and how to develop their talents. We believe that every pupil is unique and talented.