Established In 1994, Nyawai Academy is committed to the provision of top-quality education

We are committed to schorlarly excellence

Nyawai Academy was established in January 1994 having grown from a vision to provide quality education in the Kasarani Mwiki neighbourhood. It was among the first private primary schools in Kasarani Mwiki. At its inception, there were only two pupils, Lee Murimi and Margaret Wanjiru Mungai with two teachers.

Their dedication in ensuring that English was the only medium of communication and hard work...

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A word from the director

The Making of an academic giant

When it comes to succeeding in life there are three basics mindsets that people tend to have. These are the win/lose mentality, the lose/lose mentality and the win/win mentality. People with a win/lose mentality would be those that compare themselves to other people all the time. They believe that in order for them to succeed others must fail. To them, success is relative.

Those with a lose/lose mentality believe that they can never achieve anything worthwhile so why should they let you do so. They try to keep other people in the sinking boat that they are in, they suffer from pulling other people down syndrome. Negativity is the order of the day for them. Don’t ever try to tell such people that you have great plans for your life – they will only criticize you and tell you it can’t be done. After all, they tried that already and it did not work!

Dreamers, who are achievers, have the win/win mentality. Not only do they know that they are capable of and will succeed, but they realize that their success does not depend on other people’s failure. To the contrary, their success depends on other people’s success. They believe in team dynamism and draw their synergy from their team mates.

Our history


* Launch of the state-of-the-art computer lab by the school.


* Completed the construction of a multi-purpose hall

* Number 1 in class 7 science quiz- kasarani/embakasi cluster


* Recorded the highest K.C.P.E mark in our history. 435/ 500 by Denzel Sam Ochieng'


* All candidates in the school scored above 300 marks.


* Position 3 in class 3 spelling quiz- kasarani/embakasi cluster


* Position 3 in class 8 science quiz- kasarani/embakasi cluster